Chapter 1: Welcome to the Dungeon.
There is a tale...
A tale of four heroes...
Four heroes who tried to save a world...
But were ultimately banished to an eternal prison...
A prison from which there is supposedly almost maybe kinda theoretically no escapability...
Their story now continues...
Dot dot dot...

*We now join these four heroes, all dressed in the same generic crappy armor and wielding the same crappy generic maces, one of whom has been slaughtered...*

Emu: *finishes trampling Travis, walks away*

Travis: *dead*

Akki: Well, that was random.

Jerrica: He will be missed.

Dayn: Indeed he will.

Travis: I won't miss him. He was an asshole.

Akki, Dayn, Jerrica: O________O

Travis: Well, he was.

Akki: How are you alive!?

Travis: I got better.

Akki: Seriously, how are you alive.

Travis: Seriously, I got better.

Jerrica: How exactly does that work?

Travis: I guess "inescapable" means we can't really die. *pokes his corpse*

Dayn: It would appear so.

Emu: WARK!

Travis: NOT THIS TIME, BITCH! *runs after the emu*

Emu: O_O *runs away*

Dayn: So, let me get everything straight. We're in an inescapable prison slash dungeon that we can probably escape from if we kinda get an amulet all while sorta being unable to permanently die?

Akki: Probably something along those lines.

Dayn: Works for me.

Travis: *rides the emu up to the others* GENTLEMEN, BEHOLD! I HAVE A MOUNT!

The others: <___<

Travis: Her name is Penelope. We have an understanding. *pats Penelope on the head*

Penelope: *throws Travis off her back and tramples him to death*

Dayn: I sense a potential running gag.

Travis #3: IT IS ON, BIRD!!! *runs after Penelope, trips over one of his corpses, and lands on Penelope*

Penelope: ! *begins bucking angrily like an angrily bucking rodeo bull*

Travis and Penelope: *Rodeo off into the sunset*

Jerrica: Now things are just getting stupid.

Penelope: *rodeos back to the others, bucks Travis off her back, and tramples him to death yet again*

Travis #4: That will be quite enough of that, Penelope.

Penelope: Wark. :/

Travis: Good emu. *pat pat*

Penelope: ^_^

Dayn: Well, if you are quite done playing with your ostrich, w- *trampled by Penelope*

Travis: She's an emu.

Dayn #2: Holy crap that feels weird.

Travis: I know.

Dayn: As I was saying before I was rudely trampled to death by Penelope...

Penelope: 'v'

Dayn: ...if you're quite done, we can find that amulet and get out of here.

Travis: Wait, what?

Dayn: Find amulet on bottom floor of dungeon, get out.

Travis: Dammit, I thought I would never have to hunt down another amulet.

Dayn: At least we know for sure where this one is.

Akki: Probably.

Jerrica: Good enough for me, let's go!

And thus, our heroes' second adventure begins. What strange and new dangers will they face in the (other) Dungeon of Doom? Will they ever find the Amulet of... ummm... whatever? Will Travis ever stop being trampled to death by emus?

Travis: *trampled to death by a random emu*

Find out in Chapter 2: Batty Battle.

© 2011 Travis Prue